How to Write the Best Short Story

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We have seen a lot of people trying to attempt writing short stories but failed – not because they aren’t good writers or their imagination has any limits, but because they don’t have the idea how to keep going.

Every story has its own way of handling and each story needs a beginning, middle and ending. You can start with the beginning but then you might get stuck in the middle and the ending never comes. Here is why we are providing you a few tips on how to write the best short story –

  • Identify what is the heart of the story – Make sure you know it from the beginning what is the heart of your story. What does the story want to portray? Is there any message your story wants to convey – if there is, then stick to it. Short stories tend to be more or less 3,500 words. Make sure you do justice to each and every word and sentence.
  • Use your imagination – Take your imagination to a different level. Try to see things differently and bring life to your story. A unique story is one which can portray the deepest desire of your heart – as you know no human being wants the same thing.
  • Keep going – There might be times when you may want to stop. Feeling exhausted or feeling you can’t keep going. Don’t do that. Keep it going. If need be—take a break but don’t stop in the middle; no matter what.
  • Take a journal wherever you go – Real life experiences with a little bit of fiction and drama makes it easier for you to write a good short story. Take a journal with you wherever you go. Note down your experiences; what happened the whole day. Look for various events that have taken place the whole day – observe people – observe your surroundings.